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Addressing the Mental Health Crisis National Conference

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10:50 am
22 Nov, 2023
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Addressing the Mental Health Crisis National Conference

Events for Healthcare

10:50 am
22 Nov, 2023
Virtual Event: GoTo

Addressing the Mental Health Crisis National Conference: Managing increasing demand  

Recently the government has agreed to provide £2.3 billion a year toward the improvement of Mental Health services across the UK, this is the largest increase in mental health funding in NHS history, this investment will help 2 million more people to access mental health services by 2023/24.

This comes as critical timing as millions of patients in England face dangerously long waits for mental health care following the sharp increase in people experiencing mental health problems, with 1.6 million waiting for specialised treatment and another 8 million who cannot get on the waiting list

Convenzis are pleased to share details of a brand-new event series which will follow the new funding and service improvement strategy.

The complexity of needs for those requiring mental health services has risen due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As pressure mounts across community services, mental health UEC and inpatient pathways, NHS England has made growing and improving mental health services and services for people with a learning disability and/or autistic people a key priority for 2022/23

Convenzis events are highly regarded for their ability to drive strategic level change and transformation within the healthcare industry. Our events bring together senior healthcare leaders and decision-makers from across the NHS and wider healthcare sector, with the aim of identifying and implementing innovative approaches to address the most pressing challenges facing the industry today.

Key Subjects

In addition to extra funding being injected, the NHS has asked mental health systems to:

  • Expand and improve their mental health crisis care provision for all ages: increase the provision of alternatives to A&E and admission
  • Focus on intervention: Utilising the expansion of mental health provider collaboratives across the whole mental health pathway
  • Continue the expansion and transformation of mental health services: Set out in the NHS Mental Health Implementation Plan 2019/20–2023/24
  • Continue to grow and expand specialist care and treatment for infants, children, and young people: increasing the support provided through specialist perinatal teams for infants and their parents up to 24 months
  • Develop a mental health workforce plan to 2023/24: collaborating with mental health providers HEE and partners in the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) and education sectors
  • Continue to use the mental health practitioner ARRS roles: improving the care and treatment for adults, children, and young people in line with NHS Long Term Plan ambitions

This event series will provide a platform for the Mental Health community to exchange practical insights, share best practice and listen to sector leading speakers in a focused and high-value setting.

In support of the sector, all NHS Managers and leaders are provided with complimentary and CPD accredited attendance to this event.

Research sources: NHS England and Improvement, The Kings Fund, Nuffield Trust

Who will Attend

  • Psychologist.
  • Psychiatrist.
  • Psychoanalyst.
  • Psychiatric nurse.
  • Psychotherapist.
  • Mental health counsellors.
  • Family and marriage counsellors.
  • Addiction counsellors.
  • Chief Executives
  • Chief Medical Officers
  • Chief Operating Officers
  • Clinical Directors/Heads/Managers/Leads
  • Commissioning Directors/Heads/Managers
  • Deputy Directors
  • Directors of Delivery
  • Directors of Nursing
  • Directors of Performance and Improvement
  • IT Directors/Heads/Managers
  • GPs
  • GP Commissioners
  • Medical Directors
  • Operations Directors/Heads/Managers
  • Public Health Directors/Heads/Managers
  • Practice Managers
  • Procurement Directors/Heads/Managers
  • Service Directors/Heads/Managers
  • Social Services Directors/Heads/Managers
  • Strategic Planning Directors/Heads/Managers
  • Transformation Directors/Heads/Managers
  • Urgent Care Directors/Heads/Managers

Sponsors & Partners

The programme


Chairs Housekeeping

Chairs Housekeeping


Presentation: Balancing Minds: Bridging Gaps in Mental Health Pharmacy Services to Advance Equity and Population Well-being (Confirmed)

Kuljit Nandhara
Deputy Chief Pharmacist and Head of Mental Health Pharmacy Services
Nottinghamshire NHS Foundation Trust

In this session, we will delve into the critical role of mental health pharmacy services in addressing inequalities and enhancing population health. Despite advancements in mental health care, disparities persist, impacting vulnerable communities disproportionately. Our discussion will explore how innovative pharmacy services can serve as a catalyst for change, promoting accessibility, affordability, and inclusivity in mental health care. Join us to uncover strategies, share success stories, and envision a future where mental health pharmacy services play a pivotal role in fostering a healthier, more equitable society. Together, we can bridge the gaps and pave the way for a balanced and resilient community.


Case Study - Trustmarque, Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (EPUT)

Paul Brady
Principal Consultant, Data & Applications
Adam Whiting
Deputy Director of Digital and Business Intelligence (Deputy CIO)
Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (EPUT)
Adrian Woolmore
Head of Data and Analytics

Case study - Trustmarque

During our session we will be joined by Adam Whiting, Deputy Director of Digital and Business Intelligence (Deputy CIO) at Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (EPUT) to discuss how the Trust responded to the Rapid review into data on mental health impatient settings report.

Hear how EPUT now have the ability to follow action to impact.  Providing confidence that the Trust’s actions improve safety and are resulting in change.  Reports drill from board report, to detailed safety dashboard, to operational reporting and in depth detailed reporting.


'Crisis Support - Alternative Pathways. A response from the VCFSE (Confirmed)

Sarah Wileman
Director of Development
Mental Health Matters
Emma Tomkinson
Area Manager, North West
Mental Health Matters

The session will focus on crisis alternatives that align to the Hewitt Review and Major Conditions Strategy. The presentation will explore the role of the voluntary sector, our experience in delivering various models of support, and the impact these services can have on individuals, as well as the wider system.


Comfort Break

Comfort Break


International Mental Health Trends: Navigating the Path Forward (Confirmed)

Andy Bleaden
Community Director

International Mental Health Trends: Navigating the Path Forward

In an era marked by unprecedented global challenges, mental health has taken center stage on the international healthcare agenda. Join us for an illuminating session as we delve into the evolving landscape of international mental health trends. We will explore the significant shifts in understanding, stigma reduction, and access to mental healthcare worldwide. Through data-driven insights and case studies, we'll uncover how nations are addressing the growing mental health crisis and fostering resilience in their populations. This session offers a unique opportunity to gain insights into the global efforts to promote mental well-being, share best practices, and chart a path forward in improving mental health outcomes on an international scale.


Navigating Mental Health Challenges Within an Integrated Care Service (ICS) (Confirmed)

Andy Bell
Chief Executive
Centre for Mental Health

Navigating Mental Health Challenges Within an Integrated Care Service (ICS)

Mental health is a critical aspect of healthcare that cannot be overlooked within an Integrated Care Service (ICS). This presentation delves into the complex terrain of mental health within an ICS, addressing challenges and strategies to ensure comprehensive patient-centred care.



Presentation - A national view of mental health services: Key findings from the 2022/23 NHS Benchmarking project (Confirmed)

Kirsten Windfuhr
Associate Director - Mental Health, Learning Disability and Autism Services (MHLDA)
NHS Benchmarking Network

The annual national benchmarking project provides a comprehensive view of mental health service delivery including insight on specific themes relating to service models, access, activity, workforce, finance, and patient safety. The presentation will highlight current challenges and opportunities to inform service improvement and delivery to address system pressures.


End of the Day

End of the day


Your Pass Includes....

Your Pass Includes:

  • Access to all live keynote presentations and discussion sessions
  • Live and interactive best practice sharing
  • Meet the supplier opportunities
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  • Interactive activities: Polls
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