2nd NHS Cyber Security Conference: Future-proofing the NHS

Technology & Innovation

09:00 am
19 Jun, 2024
15 Hatfields Conference Centre, London SE1 8DJ

2nd NHS Cyber Security Conference: Future-proofing the NHS

Technology & Innovation

09:00 am
19 Jun, 2024
15 Hatfields Conference Centre, London SE1 8DJ

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Head of ICT Operations

Clinical director

Cyber Security Manager

Data centre Specialist

Head of Cyber Security NE and Yorkshire (Regional Lead)

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Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust


NHS Trust


Alliance Medical


Tower Pharmacy

Guy's & St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust

Frimley Health

NHS England

Fortifying Foundations: Building a Cyber-Resilient Culture in the NHS

Session Overview:

In this insightful fireside chat, Barry Richardson, Head of Information Security at NHS Blood and Transplant, and Mike Culshaw, Chief Technology Officer and Cyber Innovator 2024 at Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, discuss the critical aspects of fostering a cyber-resilient culture within the National Health Service). As cyber threats continue to evolve, the need for robust defences becomes ever more vital, particularly in the healthcare sector where data security directly impacts patient safety.

Key Points of Discussion:

  • Current Cybersecurity Challenges: Barry and Mike will outline the primary cyber threats currently facing the NHS and discuss the unique vulnerabilities of the healthcare industry.
  • Strategies for Resilience: Learn about the proactive strategies and best practices that can be employed to enhance the cyber resilience of NHS organisations. This includes both technological solutions and human-cantered approaches.
  • Cultural Transformation: The session will explore how the NHS can cultivate a culture prioritising cybersecurity at all levels—from frontline staff to top management. Our speakers will share insights on training, awareness programs, and the role of leadership in promoting a security-first mindset.
  • Innovations in Cybersecurity: Mike Culshaw will discuss recent technological advancements and innovations that have the potential to revolutionize cybersecurity practices within the NHS.
  • Collaboration and Learning: Discover how collaboration across different NHS entities and learning from global best practices can strengthen the network's overall security posture.
  • Future Outlook: What does the future hold for cybersecurity in healthcare? The discussion will touch on emerging trends, potential threats, and the ongoing developments in cybersecurity measures.

This session is a must-attend for NHS professionals, cybersecurity experts, and anyone interested in the intersection of healthcare and technology. Barry and Mike's expertise and firsthand experiences will provide valuable insights into creating a resilient, secure environment that safeguards both patient information and healthcare services against cyber threats.

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Key Subjects

  • Current Cybersecurity Challenges
  • Strategies for Resilience
  • Cultural Transformation
  • Innovations in Cybersecurity
  • Collaboration and Learning
  • Future Outlook

Who will Attend

  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
  • IT Director
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Data Protection Officer (DPO)
  • Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO)
  • Clinical Informatics Director
  • Head of IT Security
  • Risk Manager
  • Chief Privacy Officer (CPO)
  • Director of Compliance
  • Director of Information Governance
  • Head of Digital Transformation
  • Director of Network Security
  • Director of Health Informatics
  • Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  • Director of Emergency Medicine
  • Director of Nursing Informatics
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Director of Health Services

The programme


Registration and Breakfast

Registration - Open from 9:00 am - Closes at 11:00 am

All delegates must complete their registration process before the 11:00 AM cut-off time. Please arrive in a timely manner to allow for registration and to avoid any inconvenience. Delegates who arrive after the registration deadline will be refused entry to the event.

We appreciate your cooperation in helping us maintain the event's schedule and ensuring that everyone can fully participate in the Cyber Conference. If you have any questions or require assistance, our event staff will be available to assist you with the registration process.

Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to an insightful and productive event together!


Chair Opening Address (Confirmed)

Bharat Thakrar
CISO, Security Lead

Chair Opening Address (Confirmed)


Interview Session - Changing the Culture of an organisation

Mike Culshaw
Pennine Care FT
Barry Richardson
Head of Cyber Security and Information Security
NHS Blood and Transplant

Panel discussion with Pennine CTO – two leaders that have transformed the focus within their respective businesses to deliver better services for their customers.  The request from the organisers is to narrate briefly our journey, and then invite questions.

  • Mike Culshaw, Chief Technology Officer and Cyber Innovator 2024, Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust (Confirmed)
  • Barry Richardson, Head of Information Security at NHS Blood and Transplant, Individual of the Year 2023  (Confirmed)


Balancing innovation and cyber security Panel Discussion

Mike Culshaw
Pennine Care FT
Barry Richardson
Head of Cyber Security and Information Security
NHS Blood and Transplant
Andrei Hinodache
Cybersecurity Strategist & Community Leader

Join us for an engaging panel discussion on the critical balance between innovation and cybersecurity in the NHS. Our distinguished panellists, Mike Culshaw, CTO of Pennine Care FT, Barry Richardson, Head of Cyber Security and Information Security at NHS Blood and Transplant, and Andrei Hinodache, will share tips, tricks challenges as the NHS balances innovation and cyber security.


  • Mike Culshaw, CTO, Pennine Care FT
  • Barry Richardson, Head of Cyber Security and Information Security, NHS Blood and Transplant
  • Andrei Hinodache, Cybersecurity Strategist & Community Leader, Heimdal


Main Sponsor - How To Create Successful Malware and Defend with Zero Trust

Seamus Lennon
Vice President of Operations for EMEA

Main Sponsor - Threatlocker

In a world where anyone can create successful malware or have AI generate it for them, it's important to know how malware can be successful so you can better defend. Starting from a default-deny posture, learn how adopting Zero Trust principles can keep your data safe and operations running regardless of hacking attempts by man or machine.


Morning Break

Morning Break


Chair Morning Reflection (Confirmed)

Bharat Thakrar
CISO, Security Lead

Chair Morning Reflection (Confirmed)


Case Study - Ransomware vs Zero Trust - Cyber Resilience in the Era of AI

Michael Adjei
Director, Systems Engineering
EMEA at Illumio

Case Study - Illumio

In this new era of hyper-connectivity, digital transformation and AI, once trusted traditional cyber security paradigms, have become less efficient.

Therefore in this era of commoditised AI, there needs to be a rethink of what it now means to be cyber resilient and then prioritise accordingly.

This session will address:

  • Signs of the times - the new risks
  • Key challenges for CISOs and cyber managers
  • How to overcome key challenges
  • How to contain a breach
  • How to plan for business continuity


Case Study - Changing behaviours, for better health, and better cybersecurity (Confirmed)

Javvad Malik
Lead Security Awareness Advocate

Case Study - KnowBe4

In the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare, cybersecurity has emerged as a critical concern. As technology becomes increasingly intertwined with medical practices, safeguarding sensitive patient data and ensuring the resilience of healthcare systems against cyber threats is paramount. However, amidst the focus on technological solutions, the human aspect of cybersecurity often takes a backseat. This talk aims to shed light on the crucial role of human behaviour in fortifying healthcare's cyber defences and draws parallels from the lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Keynote Presentation - Strengthening cyber security with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) (Confirmed)

Craig Kilgour
Robotic Process Automation Lead
NHS Arden & GEM Commissioning Support Unit

As the NHS increasingly relies on digital systems and technology to deliver services to patients, weak passwords present a cyber risk which can compromise data and system security and potentially disrupt patient care. Yet, identifying and managing this risk across a large numbers of users is time and resource intensive.

In this fireside chat, Craig Kilgour will share how using an RPA lifecycle approach to identify weak passwords across five domains, and prompt users to take action, has resulted in a quicker, more efficient and more accurate process which provides greater transparency and reassurance.


Case Study - Protecting your attack surface: Conventional IT and medical IOT (Confirmed)

Elliott Wilkes
CTO and Co-Founder
Advanced Cyber Defence Systems

Case Study - Advanced Cyber Defence Systems

This session will help you understand your organisation's attack surface by identifying online devices and network-connected assets. We'll demonstrate how scanning tools reveal information through search engines, showing potential hacker reconnaissance methods.

Elliott will discuss the risks of exposing vulnerable or insecure services online, emphasising that security through obscurity is insufficient, especially in the health sector. He'll cover the importance of using Whois and NCSC’s Early Warning system to alert asset owners about vulnerabilities.

Attendees will learn the implications of attacks and gain insights into best practices for protecting their IT infrastructure.


Networking and Lunch

Networking and Lunch


Chair Afternoon Address (Confirmed)

Bharat Thakrar
CISO, Security Lead

Chair Afternoon Address (Confirmed)


Ensuring the Security of Essential Modalities and Upholding Compliance Standards (Confirmed)

Anjay Mandalia
Principal SE

Case Study - Txone


Keynote Presentation - Enhancing your Cyber Crisis Playbook (Confirmed)

Bharat Thakrar
CISO, Security Lead

An interactive session focused on a fast moving cyber crisis situation that required delegates to make critical decisions under pressure.


Case Study - The people at the centre of your future proofing strategy

Bebe Lees BSc.
Psychology, Dip HRD, Author and Head of Communications
The Security Company ltd.

Case Study - The Security Company

It goes without saying that managing cyber risk and bolstering organisational resilience through technological advancements are required for your future proofing strategy.  But, when 88% (or more) of data breach incidents are caused by human error, managing the human risk factor has to be central to your strategic plans.

Your three take aways from this 20 minute case study are understanding the:

  • What

An exploration of what others have successfully done to reduce the human risk factor

  • Why

Demonstrating the positive impact of managing your human risk factor

  • How

Understanding that change can be achieved with limited resource and budget


Cross Sector Analysis - Cross-sector learnings from the intelligence community (Confirmed)

Gavin Stone
Intelligence Officer. Mentor & Trainer. Body Language Expert. Media Talent & Public Speaker.
Best Selling Author. Guest Host NBC Radio.

In this thought provoking guest presentation Gavin Stone, an ex Mi5 operative and current intelligence specialist will take delegates on an interactive journey through the life of a UK intelligence agent, Gavin will discuss his journey so far and share some key learning and insights that can translate over to the NHS Cyber Security Community.


Canap├ęs, Drinks and Networking

Canapés, Drinks and Networking


End of Day

End of Day


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