Andrew is an ambitious, highly respected and motivated Information Governance (IG) and Data Protection practitioner who, since 2005, has worked with a variety of healthcare information processes across the NHS and independent/charity sector, including provider, shared business and commissioning services.

Following his employment as Head of IG by the Care Quality Commission-rated “Outstanding” Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in spring 2015, he launched the following Mission Statement to define his team’s work:

“Ensuring the Trust and its staff have a person-centred approach to managing the personal and sensitive information of its patients and staff, treating it and the organisation’s corporate information in a similar manner to which they would expect their own Medical Records or banking information to be treated.”

This role was enlarged in spring 2018 to include being Group Head of IG and Data Protection Officer for both Brighton and Sussex University and Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trusts. Andrew also Chairs the:

• Sussex-Wide Information Governance Group (known as SWIGG).
• Sussex Integrated Care System Information Governance Steering Group.
• National Health and Social Care Strategic Information Governance Network (known as the National SIGN).

He works with passion and enthusiasm to maintain the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of patient and staff data, alongside corporate information. Andrew thoroughly believes that when it is expertly managed, it improves the experience and quality of care that patients receive, complementing the maintenance of the organisation’s reputation.

As Chair of the National SIGN he founded their annual IG Awards, which have been running since 2019, and will open for nominations in the summer.

Andrew is an Accredited Member of the Information and Records Management Society (IRMS), and was Nominated for its 2017 “Professional of the Year” Award. In 2018 he was nominated for the Information Commissioner’s Office “Data Protection Practitioner’s Award,” and winner of the IRMS “Author of the Year Award”. In 2020 he was made a Fellow of the IRMS.

Out of work Andrew is a passionate, proud and geeky life-long fan of “Doctor Who”, with a particular penchant for the 1960s Patrick Troughton era . He lives in West Sussex with his wife and pigeon pair of toddler twins.