10th NHS Data and Information Conference: Underpinning NHS Innovation

Technology & Innovation

09:00 am
18 Jun, 2024
15 Hatfields Conference Centre, London SE1 8DJ

10th NHS Data and Information Conference: Underpinning NHS Innovation

Technology & Innovation

09:00 am
18 Jun, 2024
15 Hatfields Conference Centre, London SE1 8DJ

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NHS Midlands and Lancashire CSU

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Current Landscape

The upcoming Healthcare Data and Information Conference will revolve around the government's initiative, "Data Saves Lives: Reshaping Health and Social Care with Data." Against the backdrop of the 2022 program, the conference will evaluate the progress made over the past year to establish the foundation for the future of healthcare.

In the last 12 months, the NHS has fulfilled over half of the commitments outlined in the strategy. This includes the implementation of the right technical systems by promoting common data standards, transitioning to cloud computing, and adopting target data architecture to create a more cohesive approach to technology and digital solutions. Additionally, efforts have been made to enhance staff confidence in securely sharing data through guidance and updates to the data security and protection toolkit.

This retrospective exploration aims to highlight the transformative impact of data on shaping health and social care services. It will spotlight successes and address challenges, fostering dynamic discussions and collaboration among experts and stakeholders. The overarching goal is to propel data-driven solutions within the healthcare sector. The conference represents a pivotal moment in the ongoing shift towards a more efficient and patient-focused healthcare ecosystem.

Importance and timeliness of the event

The Healthcare Data and Information Conference is imperative for individuals deeply committed to influencing the future of healthcare data in the NHS. This event is pivotal for strategic insights into the upcoming phase of the NHS Data Saves Lives strategy, offering an invaluable opportunity to anticipate future developments and network with key stakeholders. Attendees benefit from a rich learning experience, gaining insights from experts in the field. Contributing to the national agenda, the conference ensures that participants actively shape the trajectory of healthcare data, aligning strategies with the goal of improving patient outcomes and healthcare service efficiency.

Why attend

The Healthcare Data and Information Conference presents a crucial chance for attendees to actively contribute to the progress of both the healthcare sector and the NHS.

This event serves as a forum to stay abreast of the most recent technologies, regulatory changes and quality enhancement endeavours within NHS Data.

Participants have the opportunity to acquire valuable insights into pioneering practices and optimal strategies for reshaping their services. Engaging with cutting-edge technologies, collaborating with industry leaders and exploring vendor solutions all play a role in fostering professional development and fostering positive transformations within the NHS.


  • Population Health Management Data: We will delve into the latest advancements in gathering, analysing, and interpreting data to enhance patient outcomes and streamline healthcare delivery.
  • Federated Data Platforms: Exploring how collaborative, decentralised data systems can improve data sharing, enhance research capabilities, and facilitate seamless communication among disparate healthcare entities.
  • Data Architecture: Delves into the design, implementation, and optimisation of data architectures tailored to the unique needs of the NHS. Topics will include data modelling, integration strategies, scalable architectures, and the incorporation of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Secure Data Environments: addresses the challenges and solutions in creating and maintaining secure data environments within the NHS. Discussions will cover cybersecurity measures, compliance with data protection regulations, risk management, and strategies to safeguard sensitive patient information.

Key Subjects

  • Population Health Management Data
  • Federated Data Platforms
  • Data Architecture
  • Secure Data Environments:

Who will Attend

  • Chief Information Officers
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Data and Security Directors/Heads/Managers
  • Digital Directors/Heads/Managers
  • Digital Inclusion Directors/Heads/Managers
  • Digital Strategy Directors/Heads/Managers
  • Governance Directors/Heads/Managers
  • Informatics Directors/Heads/Managers
  • Information Assurance Directors/Heads/Managers
  • Information Management Directors/Heads/Managers
  • IT Directors/Heads/Managers
  • IT Security Directors/Heads/Managers
  • Performance Directors/Heads/Managers
  • Programme/Project Directors/Heads/Managers
  • Transformation Directors/Heads/Managers

Sponsors & Partners

The programme


Registration and Breakfast

Registration - Open from 9:00 am - Closes at 11:00 am

All delegates must complete their registration process before the 11:00 AM cut-off time. Please arrive in a timely manner to allow for registration and to avoid any inconvenience. Delegates who arrive after the registration deadline will be refused entry to the event.

We appreciate your cooperation in helping us maintain the event's schedule and ensuring that everyone can fully participate in the Data Conference. If you have any questions or require assistance, our event staff will be available to assist you with the registration process.

Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to an insightful and productive event together!


Chair Opening Address (Confirmed)

Andi Orlowski
The Health Economics Unit

Chair Opening Address (Confirmed)


Federated data platforms panel discussion

Andi Orlowski
The Health Economics Unit
Nicola Hamilton
Dr Nicola Byrne
National Data Guardian
Office of the National Data Guardian

Within this panel discussion on federated data platforms, we will delve into the evolving landscape of decentralised data management, exploring key components like diverse data sources, metadata management, and security measures. Technical considerations such as data integration challenges and distributed query processing would be examined, along with discussions on governance models and compliance in federated environments.


  • Nicola Hamilton, Head of Understanding Patient Data (Confirmed)
  • Andi Orlowski, Director, Health Economics Unit (Confirmed)
  • Dr Nicola Byrne, National Data Guardian, Office of the National Data Guardian (Confirmed)


Case Study - I Will Teach You LEFT/INNER JOINs in 10 minutes (Confirmed)

Filipe McManus
Facts and Dimensions Ltd

Case Study - Facts & Dimensions

In partnership with AnalystX I have been teaching NHS analysts around the NHS the basics of SQL programming. Critical skills if we are to make good use of all the data we have in the NHS. I will show off a sped up version of the LEFT/INNER JOIN lecture which has proven very effective.


Morning Break & Networking

Morning Break & Networking


Chair Morning Reflection (Confirmed)

Andi Orlowski
The Health Economics Unit

Chair Morning Reflection (Confirmed)


Case Study - Maximising the healthcare estate with connected data (Confirmed)

Olly Thomas
Buildings and Communities Director

Case Study - Cohesive

Synopsis: Explore the strategic value of connected structured data in optimizing healthcare asset management and performance. Discover how data-driven insights enhance operational efficiency and derisk the potential of asset non-availability. Using real-world examples, uncover the transformative potential of connected structured data, with a focus on the PFI Handback process and existing legacy estates. Join us to unlock the power of data-driven decision-making and insights for healthcare infrastructure


1. Understand the use-cases and value of connected structured data on asset management and performance.

2. Learn to leverage data to support informed decision-making.

3. Explore effective information management practices.

4. Discover the strategic implications of connected data in PFI Handback transitions.

5. Leave with actionable strategies for data-driven asset management.


Case Study - Unlocking novel medical research on sensitive patient data with federation

Brittame Vasanthaswara Srivas
AI Solutions Lead
Apheris AI GmbH

Case Study - Apheris

By deploying Apheris Compute Gateways in hospitals across Europe and the US, Apheris acts as a trusted third-party middleware for federated analytics and machine learning. This enables compliant and granular analyses on data from thousands of relevant patients for life sciences researchers at large pharmaceutical companies. As a result, novel disease progression and treatment sequencing analyses in a neurological disease were conducted, identifying a phenomenon of progression irrespective of typical disease markers. The researchers aim to drive changes in the standard of care to address this. Another study successfully predicted and identified metastatic oncology patients from ICD codes.


Keynote Presentation - System decision making in PHM - addressing health inequalities and allocative efficiency (Confirmed)

Andi Orlowski
The Health Economics Unit

In this session we will cover how system level decision making is fraught with difficulty and your pivotal role in helping to navigate and embed change to address health inequalities and resourcing challenges. As part of this session we will share work undertaken in 5 ICSs that address these issues using tools and approaches freely available to the public sector.


Networking and Lunch

Networking and Lunch


Chair Afternoon Address (Confirmed)

Andi Orlowski
The Health Economics Unit

Chair Afternoon Address (Confirmed)


Keynote Presentation - Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust’s Pioneering Data Strategy and Reporting Transformation - ‘CCS Intelligence Hub’ (Confirmed)

Mark Crannage
Associate Director of BI and Digital
Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust

Our programme aspires to revolutionise NHS data management and analytics, merging advanced technology with a reimagined data strategy to enhance decision-making, operational efficiency, and patient care. We're fostering a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration, setting new standards in healthcare data utilisation. The CCS Intelligence Hub focuses on automating data collection and management, delivering relevant, reliable information for intelligent decision-making. This ambitious programme emphasises data security, robust quality management, and insightful analytics, laying the groundwork for significant NHS advancements and exceptional patient and staff experiences.


Fireside Interview: From Data to Wisdom – The Road Less Travelled

Mr Dave Norton
Innovation Consultant
NHS and Freelance

The NHS is awash with data, but true wisdom requires a deliberate journey beyond basic data capture, analysis and presentation.  The session will focus on transformation of data into actionable insights and the co-design process.


Canapés, Drinks and Networking

Canapés, Drinks and Networking


End of Day

End of Day


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