12th NHS Primary Care Transformation Conference: The Foundations for Better Care

09:00 am
26 Jun, 2024
etc venues Manchester

12th NHS Primary Care Transformation Conference: The Foundations for Better Care

09:00 am
26 Jun, 2024
etc venues Manchester

Delegates Registered

Job titles includes


Clinical Deputy Lead- Occupational Therapy

Clinical Digital Lead & Clinical Safety Officer

Clinical Lead

Digital and Transformation lead

Digital Facilitator

Digital Primary Care Lead

Director of Primary Care

Director of Transformation

DN Team Leader

Executive Director - Chief Digital Officer

Organisations Involved

Ashford and St. Peters Hospitals NHS FT

Health Care First Partnership

Guys and St Thomas Trust

NHS North Central London ICB

Heeley Plus Primary Care Network Sheffield

Central Surrey Health

Chorley Road Network PCN Bolton

NHS Greater Manchester Integrated Care

NHS Greater Manchester Integrated Care

Frimley ICB

Trafford West PCN

Current Landscape and Challenges:

The primary care sector has experienced significant transformations, driven by the imperative to leverage digital technology and innovation, particularly in response to the challenges posed by the recent pandemic.

While these changes have been crucial for enhancing patient care and safety, they have also brought forth new complexities and challenges, emphasising the need for continuous innovation and sustained momentum within the sector.

Importance and Timeliness of the Event:

Amidst the ongoing digital revolution in primary care, the Convenzis Primary Care Conference series serves as a pivotal platform for healthcare leaders to come together, exchange insights, and navigate the ever-evolving landscape of digital healthcare.

With a focus on policy-led updates and innovative solutions, the conference provides a timely opportunity to showcase the transformative potential of technology in advancing primary care services and improving patient outcomes.

Key Content Streams:

  • Using Online Consultations: Best Practice and Key Challenges: Exploring the effective implementation and challenges associated with online consultations, aiming to identify best practices for seamless integration within primary care services.
  • General Practice Appointment Data (GPAD): Improving Data Quality and Uses: Analysing strategies to enhance the quality and utilisation of general practice appointment data, facilitating informed decision-making and improved patient care.
  • Redesigning Primary Care at Scale and Collaborative Working: Discussing the intricacies of redesigning primary care services at scale, emphasising collaborative approaches to foster efficient and integrated healthcare delivery.
  • Integrated Care Systems (ICS) Development: A General Practice Perspective: Addressing the role of general practice within the development of integrated care systems, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities inherent in this collaborative approach to healthcare delivery.

Why Attend:

The Primary Care Transformation Conference: The Foundations for Better Care offers a unique opportunity for healthcare professionals to actively engage in shaping the future of primary care services.

By participating in this event, attendees can contribute to the ongoing discussion surrounding the effective integration of digital technology and innovation within the primary care sector, thereby enhancing patient care and driving positive transformations within the healthcare industry.

 Register now to be a part of this transformative event, where collective experiences and insights pave the way for building a stronger foundation for better care within the primary healthcare sector.

12th NHS Primary Care Transformation Conference: The Foundations for Better Care Key Subjects

This conference aims to provide insights on subject areas including:

  • Using online consultations: best practice and key challenges
  • Long Covid: Research, challenges, and technology-based support
  • (GPAD) general practice appointment data: Improving data quality and uses
  • Redesigning primary care at scale and collaborative working
  • ICS Development: A general practice perspective

Who will Attend

  • Chief Executives
  • Chief Medical Officers
  • Chief Operating Officers
  • Clinical Directors/Heads/Managers/Leads
  • Commissioning Directors/Heads/Managers
  • Deputy Directors
  • Directors of Delivery
  • Directors of Nursing
  • Directors of Performance and Improvement
  • IT Directors/Heads/Managers
  • GPs
  • GP Commissioners
  • Medical Directors
  • Operations Directors/Heads/Managers
  • Public Health Directors/Heads/Managers
  • Practice Managers
  • Procurement Directors/Heads/Managers
  • Service Directors/Heads/Managers
  • Social Services Directors/Heads/Managers
  • Strategic Planning Directors/Heads/Managers
  • Transformation Directors/Heads/Managers
  • Urgent Care Directors/Heads/Managers

Your Pass Includes....

Your Pass Includes:

  • Multiple live keynote presentations
  • Live examples of both NHS and Commercial best practice
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Refreshments included
  • Meet the supplier sessions.
  • Networking opportunity
  • Live Q&A sessions with all speakers on the day
  • Drinks receptions (subject to event)
  • CPD accreditation
  • Prize draws

Sponsors & Partners

The Agenda



Registration - Open from 9:00 am - Closes at 11:00 am

All delegates must complete their registration process before the 11:00 AM cut-off time. Please arrive in a timely manner to allow for registration and to avoid any inconvenience. Delegates who arrive after the registration deadline will be refused entry to the event.

We appreciate your cooperation in helping us maintain the event's schedule and ensuring that everyone can fully participate in the Primary Care Conference. If you have any questions or require assistance, our event staff will be available to assist you with the registration process.

Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to an insightful and productive event together!


Chair Opening Address (Confirmed)

Dr Gurnak Singh Dosanjh

Chair Opening Address (Confirmed)


Keynote Presentation - Title TBC

Sheinaz Stansfield
Quality Improvement Lead Oxford Terrace and Rawling Road Medical Group. Development Advisor &
Primary, Community and Personalised Care Directorate – NHSE

Keynote Presentation - Synopsis TBC


Reimagining Primary Care: Building a Modern GP Practice for a Healthier Tomorrow Panel Discussion

Dr Dan Alton
Chief Clinical Information Officer
Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire West Integrated Care Board
Ciaron Hoye
Birmingham and Solihull ICB (GPPSU)

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, the role of primary care is undergoing a significant transformation. This panel discussion, titled "Reimagining Primary Care: Building a Modern GP Practice for a Healthier Tomorrow," will bring together experts and thought leaders to explore what a modern GP practice should look like. Our distinguished panelists will delve into various aspects of this transformation, including the patient perspective, technological advancements, effective public communications, and the broader implications for healthcare.

Key Discussion Points:

  • What Does "Good" Mean in Modern Primary Care?
  • Define the characteristics and qualities of a modern and effective GP practice
  • Explore patient-centered care, accessibility, and quality of service
  • Discuss the importance of healthcare equity and inclusivity in primary care
  • The Patient Voice: Shaping the Future of Primary Care
  • Understand the needs, expectations, and experiences of patients in the context of primary care.
  • Highlight the significance of patient engagement, shared decision-making, and feedback mechanisms
  • Showcase successful patient-centered initiatives and their impact
  • Tech-Enabled Care: Innovations and Integration
  • Explore how technology is transforming primary care delivery
  • Discuss the role of electronic health records, telemedicine, AI, and remote monitoring in modern GP practices
  • Address the challenges and opportunities of implementing tech-enabled care solutions.
  • Effective Public Communications in Primary Care
  • Emphasize the importance of clear, empathetic, and informative communication with the public
  • Share strategies for building trust and transparency with patients and communities
  • Discuss the role of social media, public relations, and community outreach in primary care communication
  • Collaboration and Integration in Healthcare
  • Explore the interconnectedness of primary care with other healthcare sectors, such as specialists, hospitals, and public health
  • Highlight successful models of collaboration and integration that improve patient outcomes
  • Discuss the challenges and potential solutions for fostering better healthcare coordination

This panel discussion will provide valuable insights, best practices, and innovative approaches to building a modern GP practice that not only meets the evolving healthcare needs of communities but also embraces patient-centered care, leverages technology, excels in communication, and contributes to the broader healthcare ecosystem


  • Dr Minal Bakhai, GP and Director of Primary Care Transformation, NHS England and NHS Improvement  (Provisionally Confirmed)
  • Dr G Farmah, CCIO for Primary Care, East & North Herts CCG (Provisionally Confirmed)
  • Ciaron Hoye, CIO, Birmingham and Solihull ICB (GPPSU) (Confirmed)
  • Dr Dan Alton, Chief Clinical Information Officer, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire West ICS (Confirmed)


Main Sponsor

Main Sponsor


Morning Break

Morning Break


Chair Morning Reflection (Confirmed)

Dr Gurnak Singh Dosanjh

Chair Morning Reflection (Confirmed)


Case Study - Redmoor Health

Case Study - Redmoor Health


Case Study - Dr Richard More, Chief Executive at Xytal

Case Study - Xytal


Keynote Presentation - Supporting and enabling Primary Care at scale (Confirmed)

Ruth Rankine
Director of Primary Care
NHS Confederation

Ruth Rankine will discuss how the NHS Confederation is working with at-scale primary care providers across the country. To facilitate a leftward shift of activity and funding into Primary Care, the Primary Care Network works with at-scale leaders to establish key enablers and blockers across the country.


Case Study

Case Study


Networking & Lunch

Networking & Lunch


Chair Afternoon Address (Confirmed)

Chair Afternoon Address (Confirmed)


Case Study

Case Study


Keynote Presentation - Automation/AI in Primary Care – London pilots (Confirmed)

Dr Shanker Vijay
GP Lead, Digital Transformation -
Primary Care, NHS England (London region)
Mr Ian Leigh
Senior Programme Manager, Digital Transformation -
Primary Care, NHS England (London region)
We will present an overview of multiple Automation/AI pilots in Primary Care across London, sharing some learning and tips:


Case Study

Case Study


Keynote Presentation - Warzone to workplace: Cross-sector interview: Jill Winters, Army Veteran and Current NHS 111 Director (Confirmed)

Jill Winters
111 & CAS

Meet Jill Winters, a highly experienced training facilitator and qualified nurse with over 27 years of dedicated experience in the healthcare industry. Having earned certifications from Napier University, Edinburgh, and Bournemouth University, Jill Winters is deeply committed to delivering high-quality learning experiences as an accredited training provider by both CLM and ILM.

Throughout Jills' career, a patient-centric approach has been at the core of her roles in the NHS, British Army, and the 111 service. Her expertise lies in fostering excellence through effective communication, building strong professional relationships, and empowering employees through autonomy. Jill actively engages with organisations such as Southampton University Hospitals and the NHS UEC Digital Transformation Director, showcasing a passion for leadership and development.

Among Jills' notable achievements is the establishment of the TRIUMPH Course, which remains in use at the Army Medical Services Training Centre, York. Currently serving as the Interim Service Director for 111 at Totally Urgent Care Division, Jill  has been instrumental in governance, risk, and assurance frameworks, achieving excellence in service delivery.

Committed to continuous learning, Jill Winters stays up-to-date with the latest best practices in the industry, ensuring she delivers the highest standards of training and development. With dedication, leadership, and a profound patient-centric approach, Jill has and continues to make a significant impact in the healthcare field.


Canapés, Drinks and Networking

Canapés, Drinks and Networking


End of day

End of day


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It was great to join the Convenzis team again for the patient flow event. As always, the team were incredibly accommodating and happy to help. The quality of attendees is always of a high standard and relevant to the patient flow and to us also. We continue to have great discussions and footfall around our stand with no need to try and encourage people to come and see us. Really positive event for us and we look forward to working with Convenzis in the future.

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My colleague and I presented at the NHS workforce conference 2023, 19 September. The support and guidance we received from the Convenzis team in the run up to our presentation slot was great, well timed and perfectly pitched. The event itself, again was expertly organised. The conference was well Chaired by Sean, who was very engaging. As an audience member as well as a panel member, I would definitely work with the Convenzis team again.


Covenzis delivered an excellent meeting like always - a hubbub of activity focused on future developments within NHS pathology laboratories

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Working with Convenzis is a stress-free and a rewarding experience, with fantastic engagement from a highly targeted and relevant audience


I worked with Convenzis, primarily Dan, for the first time this year, putting together a bespoke online event for IBM. He has always been so responsive and accommodating. The team always remained professional and helpful – despite the many demands from our side! They were very keen for us to maximise on the investment and revisit those attendees who had not committed to follow ups.
It was an absolute pleasure doing business with Convenzis and I know there will be more opportunities next year. Looking forward to it!